We publish original fiction and nonfiction in all formats with the goal of bringing new voices to the world in ways that no publishing house has done before.
  • Do not send a query letter or summary, we ONLY accept completed manuscripts.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted as a Microsoft WORD document. (We WILL NOT accept any other format.)
  • Text should be Garamond 12 pt.
  • Chapter Titles should be Garamond 20 pt.
  • All lines should be double spaced.
  • DO NOT include headers or footers or page numbering in the manuscript.
  • Make sure that there is only ONE space after a period (not TWO spaces).
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph using TAB or setting the Indent for the first line. DO NOT use the spacebar to set the indent.
  • Start each Chapter on a new Page (preferably a new section).
  • If you have illustrations that go with the manuscript, make sure and note that when you submit the manuscript but DO NOT include illustrations in the manuscript.
  • If you need to have illustrations created for the story, please alert us to that fact in the email when you submit your work.
Send your Manuscript to info@thelarryczerwonkacompany.com
It will take us between four and six weeks to review your manuscript and let you know if we want to publish it or not.
We also need the following information from you.

  • Please provide a brief bio.
  • Have you published any previous books? If so, please tell us a bit about them: title, subject, previous publisher (if applicable), and approximate sales.
  • Out of over 4,000 trade book publishers in the United States and Canada, why are you sending your proposal to The Larry Czerwonka Company? How did you learn about us?
  • Whom do you imagine being an audience for the book? What do you think are the best ways to reach them? If you could have the book serialized or reviewed, what are the five or ten most important publications in which it could appear?
  • What help can you be in the promotion of the book? Organizational connections? Mailing lists? Workshops? Tours? Conferences which you are likely to attend? (We are primarily interested in publishing authors who are prepared to help substantially with the promotion of their own books since we will be covering all of the costs associated with editing and formatting the books as well as designing the cover and getting the book distributed.)