Would you be ever so kind?
To fulfill a desire of mine
First thing I ask of you is to close your eyes
Take a deep breath, float out and unwind
Astral travel to the moon of all things divine
It’s safe as can be, this is only lucidity
Before you wake up do one thing for me
So that I can navigate gravity as I please and as I please you
Obtain a handful of lunar molecules, we only need a few
When we make love, oh when we make love
We will both perceive glimpses of the invisible life above
Only it will be fully visible to us, even more so than our axis
We will float above the mattress, the floor
Hover closely near the door
But do not leave the room
For we will lose the gravity in which we are already defying
One deficiency at a time my dear
Fully nude and consumed, sealed in with you
The imagery of euphoria peaks
Farther than our four eyes believe
We kiss the sun and caress the clouds at noon
We fondle the stars and leave love on the moon
We don’t see the colors around us, we feel them
Blue clouds and purple skies
Pink and grey rain collide

Paperback: 74 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0692678800
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Price: $10.00

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Emotionally Captivating. You can feel the energy of the …
Emotionally Captivating. You can feel the energy of the writer and the characters seaping from each page, giving the reader ability to truly take a spiritual journey for those afraid to indulge in those more complex, personal and intimate emotions. A tranquil way to free your mind, Definitely worth a read!
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Five Stars
Amazon Customer

This author is definitely the next best thing, I heard of her from a friend …
MUST READ! This author is definitely the next best thing, I heard of her from a friend and I’ve been hooked ever since! Can’t wait for the next body of work! Well done

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Alexis Zhané
Salutations, world. My name is Alexis Zhané and I am 21 years breathing. I was born in Columbus, Ohio on August 9th 1994. Which indeed makes me a fiery lioness. I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina around the age of fifteen. Like my mind, my life has been very complex. I was adopted at a few days old and from there it has been a wild ride. My upbringing was literally on the greenest side of the grass when speaking scenery wise. Though in school, I was the cry baby, the “mute,” the silent observer, the “stuck up” weirdo. I was often taunted for not being a loud miscreant, but my energy spoke volumes. I discovered I was divergent by the ways people would invade my vicinity just to get a peep out of me. I have learned to retain my thoughts and treasure the gold I was given that is silence. You’d be amazed at all you gain with a closed mouth and open eyes and ears. Now, living in Ohio again with my biological family I have been able to moisten my roots and learn more about myself and my position in this universe. I wrote my first poem when I was 14 years old and have been enlightened to continue ever since I found that niche. I feel things throughout this world deep in my soul. It is my desire, my passion to share my vision. I am here to help and to empathize. To give people alternate perspectives, and to allow people to step into my multi-tracked mind. I have a seat for everyone!