How to Move to Kona

Are you a dreamer, a traveler, a lover of the Big Island or seriously considering a move to Kona, Hawaii? This book is for you!

The author created the travel blog, and the lifestyle Facebook blog, “365 Things to Do in Kona,” and is an expert on all things Kona. How to Move to Kona is an insider’s resource guide which includes invaluable information (including links and phone numbers) for every service you will need to make a move to the island, as well as contact information for moving pets, every school in West Hawaii, job opportunity suggestions and links, and personal recommendations for saving money and living life well on the Big Island. The author also includes her personal story, ideas, and links for finding ohana (family) and community in Kona, as well as cultural information and common Hawaiian words and phrases to help make travel and living on the island easier and more rewarding.

If you have ever considered making a move to the islands, this book offers a glimpse of what the perils and possibilities are and will save you from making costly mistakes on your way to paradise.

Paperback: 124 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0692327524
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Price: $15.00

Customer Reviews

I just wanted to say your book is AMAZING! I have bought many
Julie, I just wanted to say your book is AMAZING! I have bought many, many books on moving to the big island and moving to Hawaii, etc and they all sucked. Your book by far is the best book I have ever read about moving to the Hawaii and the Big Island! it was so good that I read your entire book in just one day! I couldnt put it down once I started reading it. Great job! it will totally help us on our move to the big island. Many books about moving to Hawaii are just so basic and so general. Your book is so very specific to the Big Island and THAT makes it stand out among all books on this subject. Anyone that is moving to the Big Island absolutely needs this book. 5 stars all the way.
Moving to Hawaii!

This is the quintessential resource/book/guide if you’re considering a move …
This is the quintessential resource/book/guide if you’re considering a move to the Big Island. Julie covers every aspect of moving to Kona without mincing words about the wonders you will find there and the challenges of living on an island. I met Julie on a trip to Kona and found her to be a petite but powerful whirlwind of energy and passion for the island. If you want to see her in action check out her “365 Things To Do in Kona, HI” on Facebook. Through her charitable efforts for local schools and her marketing savvy she is a well respected Big Island icon. Her advice comes from many experiences bringing her family to Kona and finding success there. It will be our how-to guide as we plan our eventual move to Kona.
Mark Gross

Awesome, informative, friendly and honest book about moving to Kona
I really appreciate Julie writing this book. How to Move to Kona has answered quite a few questions as well as giving me lots of suggestions to make my move much easier. I began placing ‘sticky notes’ on the pages which contained information which I considered the most useful to me. However, I soon discovered my book was going to be covered in note markers and decided that the entire book was worth marking and therefore removed all the sticky notes. She includes YouTube links to further, or reinforce, information gathering and this is so helpful as well. Especially loved her chapter entitled ‘Waves will kill you and Other Ocean Safety Tips’ where she makes you feel like you’re a neighbor and she’s giving you helpful hints on the hazards you may encounter and how to avoid them. Other chapters tell you how to get involved, where to shop, how to save money, and best beaches for your children. Loved the book!!

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Julie Ziemelis
A Silicon Valley escapee, Julie Ziemelis started sharing information about Kona in 2010 on her blog, and on her “365 Things to Do in Kona,” Facebook page, where she shares photos, videos and information daily.

Ms. Ziemelis wrote How to Move to Kona after being continually asked (via her blogs) about what it takes to make a successful move to Kona. Using insight she has gained from buying real estate, owning her own marketing consultancy business, living in Kona since 2005, raising a family, and coaching new residents in Kona, Ms. Ziemelis offers candid and helpful advice.