Free The Unicorn

The Unicorn is a legendary animal resembling a white horse with a spiralling horn projecting from its forehead. First mentioned by the ancient Greeks it became the most powerful real or imaginary animal throughout the Middle Ages. Commonly described as a symbol of purity and grace, whose magical third eye horn had the power to purify poisoned water and to heal all sickness. Only just over a hundred years ago, belief in Unicorns existence was still widespread among historians; physicians; naturalists; theologians; writers; poets and alchemists!

What do you feel when you think of a Unicorn? Perhaps childhood thoughts of magic and mystery? For many, a longing that they were once real is common. Now I want you to understand something. The symbolism of this playful magical Unicorn is actually feared by those who think they control you!

This powerful healing and gentle creature is seen chained to the throne of England in royal coats of arms!

Lions, Eagles, Wild Boars, etc. are all present and free on heraldic crests, but The Unicorn alone is chained. Anything that needs to be chained must be deeply feared indeed. That sparkling, magical power of the chained Unicorn is indeed inside of you and the thought that you might remember this, is what most terrifies those who would control the world.
“The Lies That Bind,” taught by society, are the chains. Society has deliberately created a “Chicken Coup For The Soul” [pun intended]. When you recognise this and see through these illusions, the power of The Unicorn within you will SWIFTLY return to your awareness and YOUR PROSPERITY IS GUARANTEED!

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Customer Reviews

By Kyrita
This is an awesome gift of assistance as we dance our dreams awake. Thank you Hugh so much. Love Kyrita

Love this book =- Be Free and LIVE
By j-nuala
Move forward in your life with this book. Unchain yourself from your past and create your future. I found this book extremely helpful, written with love and compassion- discover that you can “free your own unicorn” and live the life you have always wanted.

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Hugh Gilbert
Hugh is a globally recognized leader in the field of physical rehabilitation. His groundbreaking and stunningly successful protocol Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) is now being practiced in USA, Canada, Scotland, England, Mexico, Sweden, Iceland, Slovakia, Slovenia, India, Phillipines, Spain, Hawaii, and Argentina. He avoids the much offered title of healer as he feels that adds an unnecessary air of mystery and exclusivity which are egotistic and unnecessary, as the real truth is that everyone is capable of achieving what he has done and much more, if they would only believe in that truth. He therefore provides practical reasons and methodologies showing us all that this is indeed true.

He is a Physical Therapist, Consultant, Author, Lecturer, Researcher, Visionary, Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking specialising in conflict resolution, and a Qualified Instructor in Dr.Emoto’s work with the study of changing the consistency and vibration of water, known as Hado. Hugh has studied and followed the paths of the Native Americans, Celts and Hawaiians and is ever open to receiving more knowledge from these peoples. He became a student of the Knight Templar and is highly respected within that organisation.

He still owns a physical therapy clinic in Calgary Canada, while also developing facilities in U.K. and U.S.A. Hugh and his partner Jane spend much of their time now living in his native Scotland and his other love, Big Island, Hawaii.

He has always been a spokesman for today’s youth and works tirelessly to provide them with help in any way possible wherever he travels.