The Gospel of John

The sole purpose behind any enhancement is for simple clarity. There is no attempt whatsoever to present original manuscript alteration.

Within this small work, the King James Translation of the Bible is unchanged in its textual record. Some punctuation and translator added words may be altered, but the sole purpose behind that, is for a clearer understanding of divine thought by the reader.

Since this book is one of only four truly accurate accounts in existence, of the life of the man named Jesus Christ of Nazareth, while he is living on this planet named Earth and before his crucifixion, it is extremely important that the student of the Word of God have a clear cognizance of spiritual reality and truth. Jesus Christ is here and expressly exists, to definitively deal with the unrestricted operation of the Law of Sin situation, once and for all.

He is not here specifically to be a divine prophet . . . even though he is a genuine prophet of the One True God. He is not here specifically to be a teacher . . . even though he is an outstanding teacher concerning the issues of life. He is not here to specifically give us, and then leave us, a good example of how to live . . . even though the very example of how he did live is unprecedented. He is here to deal with Sin.

Failure to understand this reality, will lead to spiritual confusion, and religious insistence. Division among men will occur and souls shall be forever lost because of a lack of clarity.

Paperback: 108 pages
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Paperback: 108 pages
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FINAL- The Gospel of John (PRINT)
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Robert E. Daley
Rob Daley has been a writer since 1998, and has thus far authored sixteen books that have been nationally published. He has been ordained since 1981. His passion is to share what the Word of God has to say on all things pertaining to life and godliness (I Peter 1:3). Various topics that his works touch upon are: a real Clarity of the Triune Godhead; the necessity of the spiritual New-Birth that all men are required to obtain; the personal benefits of the resurrection of Jesus Christ as revealed to us within the Pauline Revelation; who a person actually is when they choose to be in-Christ; and many more subjects.

Rob was born again in 1978 and quickly grew in the knowledge of spiritual issues and the things of eternal value. He has spent hundreds of hours studying with the Holy Spirit of God as he read and meditated upon the Scriptures. His teaching presentation is simple and yet profound, and anyone can understand even the deeper things of truth. He is a family man who has been married to the love of his life for 46 years. God has blessed him with three natural and two adopted children, seven grandchildren, and recently a great-grandson.