Dumped in Vegas

Investigative reporter Beau Knox loves the TV news business, except when she has to cover weddings with philandering grooms and mutts in tuxedos. It doesn’t help that she’s got commitment phobia and lives the marriage capital of the world. Fortunately, Beau gets called off the wedding story to cover the biggest scoop of her career. She is summoned to the county dump in Las Vegas by her best police source. There, Beau finds the body of superstar heavy metal front man Tree Nolan decomposing in the trash.

Beau breaks the story that sets off a worldwide media frenzy and launches a federal investigation tied to an international drug cartel.

When the victim’s fellow band members start turning up dead, Beau is forced underground with her Bronx-seasoned photographer, her gorgeous police source (with his own secret), and a witness who might be in league with the bad guys.

Chased by an unknown enemy to a nuclear graveyard, Beau battles gunshots, firebombing, and impossible deadlines to help solve the biggest mystery Sin City has seen in years.


Paperback: 256 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0692499009
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Price: $13.99

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Customer Reviews

Sheila Strehle’s Dumped in Vegas is a fun and fast-paced novel that takes readers on a wild ride under the desert sky of one of America’s most famous cities. Part thriller, part romance, readers will find themselves rooting for the edgy and alluring heroine Beau Knox as she chases the story of a lifetime and learns the desires of her heart along the way. Readers will meet a string of engaging characters, visit unique landscapes, and get fully immersed in the business of breaking news. For anyone interested in television news, this is the story for you. Can’t wait for the sequel!
Stacey Welling
(Former KLAS-TV Assignment Editor/Producer, and Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Sun reporter)

Suspense, adventure and romance
Loved this fast paced intriguing novel by an author who clearly knows the world of t,v, reporting as well as the complex world of male /female relationships and commitment issues . Every page moved toward suspense in this mystery with well developed and likeable characters. Looking forward to a sequel in future.
Anne WalkerT

Great read!
Perfect balance of intrigue and romance – keeping you guessing until the very end! Characters are easy to like. Loved it!
Debbie Jarvi

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Sheila Strehle
Sheila began her full-time reporting and anchoring career at KLAS-TV in Las Vegas. In addition to chasing stories with her favorite photographers and talking to cops and criminals, she also got to do a favorite part of the job—writing scripts. The passion to write more than 90-second stories overcame her recently, producing Beau Knox and her cast of good guys and not-so-much.

Sheila spent twelve years in television news at stations in Huntsville, Alabama (her hometown), Las Vegas and Seattle. After leaving the business, she stood on the other side of the camera as a spokesperson for the Seattle Fire Department and Seattle Public Utilities. She wrote speeches for the Seattle Mayor for awhile, too. She is now a City of Seattle strategic policy analyst and negotiator and still gets to write—but in her off time.