The Quill of SARIN

When the townsfolk of this small farming community were bestowed a magical artifact nearly 700 years ago, they first thought it a hoax. A Quill that can make any wish come true? Ridiculous! But they soon realized it was a gift. A miracle, in fact, that needed to be honored, protected and cherished.

Every child in Sarin is eligible to register for their wish at the Mayor’s office on their 5th birthday. As long as they’re not forced into sacrificing it for someone else, they will eventually have the right to enter the Acropolis, bow before the Torrinn, and make their wish come true.
Buddemeyer set a goal to, “create a world that was inspired by magic, but not overrun with it. The concept of limiting the wishes granted and adding the element of time (15 years or so to receive your wish), forces the characters to think long and hard about the one wish they truly desire.”

Rory has always known what he wanted to wish for, ever since he was a little boy . . . everyone in town has known. In fifteen years he has never changed his mind, never questioned it, never doubted once. But when he finally takes that step into the Workshop, to kneel before the wish maker, he could never have imagined how much his life was about to change.

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Paperback: 270 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0692642061
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
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Customer Reviews

Magical Place
Imaginative! Creative! Dynamic! Magical! Great context!! Making a wish and granting one is not so simple in the town of Sarin unless you hold the magical Quill.
I could not put this book down – I had to see how it ended. I would like to see a sequel to this.

Would you wish for love, to return of a family member that has …
Imagine getting one wish, anything you can imagine, what would it be? Would you wish for love, the return of a family member that has passed, or would you wish for something that could make the lives of those around you live better, more fulfilled lives? In Sarin, this isn’t a day dream, but a reality. One wish is all you get. This story revolves around a small rural town where magic happens. The people care for each other. Humor and turmoil combine for an excellent story that will have you enticed to learn more about the people and the trials and tribulations that are part of their day to day lives. With well fleshed out characters, entertaining plot twists, and the unique wishes that are granted, you never know what is in store for the good people of Sarin.

This book seems to be intended for older teens to adults. The author’s storytelling style will keep you engaged and invested on what will happen next.

While I enjoyed the book immensely, I was left with wanting to know more of the history and back story of the town of Sarin and how it became what it is. I’m hoping that the author continues the story and explains more as the story unfolds.

If you are looking for a book with good characters, a well developed story, humor and adventure, don’t hesitate to read this book. The only disappointment you will have is wishing there was more.
Konan O.

LOVED this book from the first sentence
LOVED this book from the first sentence! Drew me in and took me away to a wonderful fantasy world!!
HIGHLY recommend it!
Kay Moniz

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J. D. Buddemeyer
J.D. Buddemeyer has been living in Hawai‘i since September 2008 when his wife decided she was tired of braving the frozen wilderness that was their childhood home of southern Maine. After meeting in High School at age fifteen, and now both thirty-one, they have been together for more than half their lives. Shortly after graduating college they sold every-thing they owned and moved to Oahu, where Buddemeyer had never been before and knew absolutely no one. After being picked up at the airport by their very friendly realtor, whom they had only met by phone, they went straight to Waianae where they called Makaha home for the next five years. As his family began to expand, they migrated to the Big Island in 2013 in search of a permanent home. He now lives in Puna with his wife, two kids, and various household pets.