We publish original fiction and nonfiction in all formats with the goal of bringing new voices to the world in ways that no publishing house has done before.
By publishing the works of homeless authors, elementary school students, and authors who have a great story but no existing following, we are bringing opportunity to the masses and breaking most of the traditional rules of publishing. The big publishing houses only want a sure sell, a book from a celebrity. We want to help more authors get their stories read.

The biggest rule we break is how our authors are paid. We pay the author a larger percentage on each book sale than we get. There are times when our authors are getting 91% of the profits from each book sale.

Our publishing approach mixes the best from the traditional publishing world: the author bears no out of pocket expense—and the best of the self-publishing world: the author keeps full rights to their book and has input over everything from the cover to editing to formatting.

Our model baffles the existing industry. They have a hard time understanding what we are doing and how we are doing it. The problem is they are looking at the dollars and scratching their head while we are looking at making dreams come true and giving people the opportunity to have their voices heard!

Just a few of our authors: